Okay, after a week of skirting Moodle, and occasionally dipping my toes into this LMS, I decided to take the full plunge:  I decided to fill in some of the place holders that I’d already created.  I decided to learn HTML and practice it by writing my course syllabus.  What a labor-intensive job!  I learned the code as I went along, looking up code as I needed.  That’s the most effective way for me to learn.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with different tags to see what the effect would be like.  For instance there were places where I wanted to have block text.  I found that I could create a CSS code for paragraphs that would take care of the issue.  Pretty nifty.

One of the things that I learned tonight (or this morning, as it is 2:00am on Friday morning where I am), is that you don’t want to have too much text on one page so that the user must scroll forever to find information.  With that in mind, I shall divide my syllabus:  on the page that says “syllabus”  I’ll have information about the course, required texts, requirements, grading information, and steps on how to succeed.  On the page that says “course schedule”  I’ll show the week-by-week break down of the class.

Now it’s time for a coffee break then back to further exploring.